Design for Living: The Tech-Savvy and Creative Boys of Homepolish

Image via Passport

Image via Passport

The world of interior design is getting a makeover thanks to Noa Santos and Will Nathan of Homepolish (, a fully integrated online interior design firm that foregoes the high cost commission-based model and, instead, charges a flat fee for services ranging from a simple consultation to complete renovation. The co-founders are capitalizing on the interest of homeowners and renters alike to create a well-thought living space with a wow factor that doesn’t necessarily break the bank.

Nathan, who serves as Homepolish’s co-founder and president, discovered Santos through press coverage of his one-man design firm when he relocated to New York City from San Francisco. The front-end developer was riding the tech wave with BuzzFeed, having previously worked in the financial industry. With a chunk of change in his pocket, he was ready for a new life and new look, but found that most of the interior designers he met were outside of his budget and looking to steamroll his new apartment into their own creative vision—and then he met Santos.

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