‘Did Someone Call for Delivery?’ Pilot Pacifies Delay Uproar with Pizza


Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

We’ve all been there: The dreaded delay from summertime thunderstorms, where, despite the sunny skies, you’re stuck in an airport or on a plane. You’re annoyed, bored, and, worst of all, hungry. Heavy storms on Monday forced a Denver-bound flight to make a landing in Wyoming. After being stuck for a few hours, and without any more food on board, the pilot had a “qu’ils mangent de la brioche” moment and ordered everyone pizzas! Surely taking advantage of Dominos’ five-five-five deal, Frontier Airlines Pilot Gerhard Bradner ordered enough cheesy goodness for each row to have their own. Dominos Manager Adam Ritchie took the call. “I need to feed my whole plane,” Ritchie recalled. “Lucky me, I hear 160 people. It ended up being like 38 pizzas.”

Frontier should make this a regular thing, you know, ever since they got rid of our freshly baked cookies and now started charging for carry-ons and beverages.

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