Did They or Didn’t They? Andy Cohen Sets The Record Straight on Hooking Up with Anderson Cooper

Photo via Instagram

Photo via Instagram

Let’s face the facts, here: Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper could pass for a bona fide couple. They share dinner at intimate restaurants, post photos wrapped in their towels, and appear together all the time on and off-screen. So when Amber Rose asked Andy Cohen point blank how intimate their relationship really is, she was asking on behalf of quite a few of us.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, model, actress, and musician Amber Rose posed the question, “Are you and Anderson Cooper fucking?” Cohen’s response? “No. We’ve never done a thing. We’ve never even kissed.”

He went on, saying: “We were set up on a blind date over 20 years ago and it never took. We spoke on the phone once and he said that he could — I thought the call went great, but he said that he could picture me wildly gesticulating and it turned him off. So we never went out, but we became great friends. But we’ve never done a thing.”

These two are strictly platonic, the late-night host assured viewers. “We’ve never seen each other naked or anything.”

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