Discover the Sea…in the Heart of New York City

National Geographic Encounter opened in Times Square with Ocean Odyssey, a first-of-its kind immersive entertainment experience that transports audiences on a breathtaking undersea journey from the South Pacific across the ocean to the west coast of North America. National Geographic Encounter brought together a world-class team of Academy, GRAMMY, and Emmy Award–winning artists to produce this never-before-seen experience that is changing the landscape of entertainment and cinema. Through groundbreaking technology, audiences go on a digital “underwater” dive and come face-to-face with life-size photo-real versions of some of the largest and most interesting creatures of the sea. Composer David Kahne has collected hundreds of underwater sounds from libraries all over the world to create a state-of-the-art sound experience featuring a majestic ocean soundscape which graces the space across 230 loudspeakers and 180 independent sound channels. This breathtaking experience is a new “permanent attraction.” Times Square at 226 West 44th Street between 7th Avenue and 8th Avenue.



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