Disgraceful Tennessee Store Selling ‘No Gays Allowed’ Merchandise

Screen Cap via Knoxville News

Screen Cap via Knoxville News

A store in Tennessee that banned gay people from shopping there is now profiting off their bigotry by selling “No Gays Allowed” merchandise. The owner of the hardware store, Jeff Amyx posted the discriminatory sign that read “No Gays Allowed” outside his store following the Supreme Court ruling and Amyx is pretty pleased with his bigotry as he says it’s brought more customers in. To profit off the media attention, he’s even selling baseball hats that read “No Gays Allowed” and bumper stickers declaring “Choose God or Gays.”

“God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve,” he said.”I just don’t agree with their lifestyle. I don’t want any part of it, I don’t want it around me and I’ll never agree with it,” he told WATE 6-TV.

Watch the WATE 6-TV report below:

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