Disney’s Alyson Stoner Comes Out as Queer

Alyson Stoner, who is best known for her roles on the Disney Channel, has come out as queer in an essay for Teen Vogue. The singer/actor is famous for her roles in tween projects like Mike’s Super Short Show, Camp Rock, and Cheaper By The Dozen 2.

“I spent years—not months or weeks or days, but years—trying to identify the source of my attraction to her,” she writes. “Like many, I had internalized some of the harmful beliefs and misconceptions about LGBTQ people and identities. At the time, I thought, Maybe it’s because I moved away from my father as a child and didn’t have typical male guidance in my life.”

The role model opened up about how she was conflicted between god and her sexuality.

“‘If by being honest I get banished to hell, so be it. I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry,’” she continues. “Right then I expected absolute emptiness, the height of despair and the lowest point in my life. I instead felt an inexplicable embrace. Slowly, a curiosity set in, as if giving up might actually be the impetus needed to see life, God, love, humanity, and (literally) everything in a new way. I’m not talking about believing whatever I felt like; rather, I felt a transformation, an ascension, an approach to life rooted in real love.”


Luckily the star is happily living her life with a partner.

Check out her new song below…

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