Do You Love Head? Clever Sign Gets My Vote.

Screen Cap via CBS 5 News

Screen Cap via CBS 5 News

An openly gay candidate for the Phoenix City Council is turning heads with his campaign signs. Austin Head has limited campaign funds, but he’s using his name to get attention and garner votes for the upcoming election. Handsome, clever, and enterprising, Mr. Head’s campaign signs read: “I ❤ HEAD.” And people keep stealing them!

But what’s his campaign really about. According to Head: “Last November, I was physically assaulted… in a violent hate crime that fractured several of my facial bones. Waking up in the hospital bloodied and bruised proved to me that no citizen of Phoenix deserves to live in fear or to be subjected to discrimination. This event has prompted me to run as your City Councilman to ensure that all people in Phoenix’s District 4 have the right to affordable and accessible transportation, to encourage a strong platform for the creative arts, and to secure a safe and diverse community.

Visit the website and discover lots more about this fascinating and inspirational man.

Watch the “I Love Head” video jump…

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