Do You Need to “Man UP?” Response to Anti-Gay, Stereotypical Definition of a Man

Image of message from “Man Camp” casting agency (via GeeksOut)

What defines a man? Well according to a new show in progress called “Man Camp,” being a man means you have to like sports, throw back beers, date often, spend little or no time on a computer, always be masculine and never feminine, and other ridiculous outdated male stereotypes (and, to us, a bit anti-gay). The casting agency for the show has reached out to those who they think “need to man up” or know someone who “isn’t manly enough” (according to their standards of a man). Examples are given on the agency’s Facebook page on who would fit, “Think George Costanza [Seinfeld], Frasier Crane [Frasier], or Raymond [Everybody Loves Raymond]…without the whole ‘everybody loving him’ part. We’ll give that minivan-driving soccer dad the ride of his life; your trust fund college roommate the first real day of work in his life; and that old friend doing time in a suburban office park some freedom.”

Among those also targeted were geeks, and one specific group they contacted via social media is a group of queer geeks (probably unknown to them when they decided to reach out). Geeks OUT is a social LGBT organization based in New York of male and female queer geeks who are fans of reading comics, playing video games, and other similar activities. Upon receiving message, group representative and board member Patrick Yacco took to writing a public letter to casting agency for “Man Camp.” In the response to the agency’s message and description of what makes a man Yacco said, “Wow. Not only do you think I’m straight, but you think I’m lonely, depressed, and…have trouble drinking beer? Well, I guess beer guzzling could be evidence of one’s masculinity? Gosh, if that’s true then, I’m by far one of the most manly men I know…”

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Yacco continues, “Personally, I really take offense to your third item, about being too in touch with his feminine side…. So what if I walk with a swish? Who cares if I get a manicure? And that lisp some of my friends have? It’s adorable. But regardless of my characteristics, have you seen Jersey Shore ? The Situation and Pauly D spend more time in front of the mirror than any of the other cast members. Really, your ideas and images of masculinity in this day and age are outmoded and unnecessary.”

Finishing the letter and defending geeks as a whole, “Anyways, my point is that us geeks are fine just the way we are. As a community, we’re gay and straight. We’re tall and short. We’re male and female. And yes, we read a lot and know more about television shows, comics, and movies more than the average person. We are who we are and we’re proud of it. We’re so proud, in fact, that we started this group just to make sure people like you know that we exist.”








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