Domincan Republic Pride Flag Banned from Annual Rally

Picture via Press Release

Picture via Press Release

Pride month in the Dominican Republic has been allowed since 2006, however its never been fully accepted. Unfortunately, this year was no exception after the LGBT organization, Amigos Siempre Amigos (ASA), took to the streets with a “pride caravan.” While hundreds gathered to take part in the parade, police officers noticed several people holding a rainbow pride flag made to imitate the traditional Dominican Republic flag. Outraged, the authorities demanded that the flags be confiscated. Allegedly, the crowd refused to turn in the pride flags, but agreed to put them away for the remainder of the parade. Once the parade started, officers halted the crowd again and demanded they remove all Dominican flags exhibited, whether they were traditional or the rainbow-inspired one. This time the marchers refused, stating that there was no law preventing them from proudly holding their country’s flag. Authorities argued relentlessly with the marchers and Deivis de Jesùs Ventura Peña was caught on video defending his right as a citizen of his country. As the confrontation progresses, the video shows ASA director, Leonardo Sanchez, and other members of the march demanding that the police point out where in the Dominican constitution it says they cannot carry the flag. Finally, pressure from both the ralliers and the surrounding media caused authorities to back off. According to the reporters, the rest of the rally was a success despite the hostile start.

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