Donald Trump Slams Transgender Troops as ‘Political Correctness’

Donald Trump dealt another blow to the LGBT community yesterday after he slammed the “political correct military,” after he was asked about women and transgender people serving in the military. At the campaign rally in Herndon, Virginia, the GOP nominee said that “We’re going to get away from political correctness…We’re gonna have to do that.” The response came after a man asked a pointed question saying that the “forces of political correctness” have “become an institution for social experiment,” and, “as a result, the military has undergone a number of changes to regulations with regard to women in combat, transgender rights and other issues.. He continued: “None of these PC actions were combat effective or readiness driven.”

Trump continued his completely uninformed response by adding:“We have a politically correct military, and it’s getting more and more politically correct every day, and a lot of the great people in this room don’t even understand how it’s possible to do that. And that’s through intelligence not ignorance, believe me, because some of the things they’re asking you to do and be politically correct about are ridiculous.”

LGBT rights organizations responded by calling his response uneducated and wrong. “Allowing transgender people to serve their country isn’t about politics, it’s about extending them the respect and dignity every service member deserves. This is yet another example of the grave threat that Donald Trump and Mike Pence pose to LGBTQ Americans,” said HRC Communications Director Jay Brown in a statement. “Working for years with senior members of the military, the Secretary of Defense rightly ended a discriminatory policy this year, bringing long-overdue recognition to transgender service members, strengthening our military and our nation. Just like Mike Pence’s record defending the discriminatory, ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ Donald Trump’s comments today are a reminder that he puts at risk all the gains made by the LGBTQ community over the last eight years.”

Eighteen other nations allow transgender people to openly serve.

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