Door Falls off Boeing 767 Landing in Kent, Washington

Screen Cap via CBS.

A cargo plane en route to Seattle-Tacoma lost one of its landing gear doors mid-flight. The door, about the size of a refrigerator, plummeted to the ground and landed on a quiet street outside of Seattle. Luckily nobody was killed or injured as the part hit the street early Friday at approximately 7 A.M. Residents noticed the low-flying plane as they were taking their kids to school. “It sounded a little [as if], maybe, it was distressed. Yes, distressed or vibrating or whatever,” resident Diane Oien told CBS News. “We were grateful no children were hurt and it didn’t hit a house or a car,” says resident Maureen Rinabarger.

The incident is currently being investigated by the FAA, but the organization hasn’t released any further information.  “All I know is that an aircraft passing overhead lost a part, and we were called out to identify it and take it away,” says the FAA’s Ron Zibbler.


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