‘Drag Race Thailand’ Winner to Run for Congress

Drag Race Thailand‘s first season winner announced that they will be running for a seat in Congress. Natalia Pliacam, whose non-state name is Assadayut Khunviseadpong, is hoping to win a spot for the Thai Local Power Party. This party, created by a Thai newspaper tycoon, has been specifically created to raise awareness about the LGBT community’s issues.

“Everyone in this country is a hero,” they said in a social-media announcement. “We all go through bad times together and get through conflict together. Today we want Thai people to know they are all heroes. We believe we can solve the conflict. Today we have to hold hands and fight the outside world. Time’s up on conflict. We need to fight the ones who cause it.  Today we have to come together and unite all Thai power together,” they added.

Natalia was the first winner of Drag Race Thailand, a spin-off of RuPaul’s Drag Race in the United States. [GSN]


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