‘Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator’ is a Top-Selling Gay Video Game

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is currently one of the top-selling games on the popular PC gaming service Steam.

In Dream Daddy, you are a recently widowed father with an 18-year-old daughter moving to a new town trying to find love and friendship. You can choose to go on dates with one of the town’s other eligible dads and hopefully have a satisfying ending of which there are multiple kinds. You can also customize your character and even make him transgender. There is also a trans man you can date

Dream Daddy A Dad Dating Simulator

Customization Screen. Image from dreamdaddy.biz.

The game’s creators, Leighton Gray and Vernon Shaw (a queer woman and a straight man), are deftly aware of taking the subject matter seriously even though the game has an overall light tone since romance is the goal.

“The entire time we were writing the game, we were very, very worried about treating homosexuality as a joke. That was a chief concern, and that’s specifically why we brought on consultants, why we brought our friends, to make sure the game was sincere,” Shaw said in an interview with Kotaku.

Since its release in late July the queer centric game has grown in popularity and currently has over 1,500 very positive user reviews. The game even has popular straight “let’s play” Youtubers making videos of their play-throughs. In an industry that usually caters to white heterosexual males that is a huge step in progress for the LGBT community.

Many LGBT “gaymers” are starved for representation with few and far between games offering same-sex romantic options like in the popular Bioware games, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Others just want queer characters to play like Tracer from the first person shooter Overwatch who was confirmed in December to be a lesbian in the games official comic book.


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