‘Dungeons & Dragons’ The Classic Tabletop Game Will Be More Gay!

In an interview with Kotaku Dungeons & Dragons lead rules developer James Crawford talks about how they are aiming to make the original role playing game more gay.

In 2016’s Storm King’s Thunder adventure a quest featured two husbands and their adopted son, “That was a nod specifically to our household,” he explained.

Developers Wizards of the Coast have made an effort to add more queer characters in the past and how all-new content will have LGBT characters. “This is true of our next adventure, Tomb of Annihilation, and it will be true of our stories after that,” Crawford continued.

This comes in addition to their rewriting of the handbook rules back in 2014 that encourages players to “think about how your character does or does not conform to the broader culture’s expectations of sex, gender, and sexual behavior.”

The company marched for the first in Seattle’s Pride parade this year.

Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy tabletop game that has been a staple in geek and nerd culture since it’s inception 40 years ago. Recently it’s been on the periphery of pop culture since it was featured in Netflix’s Stranger Things as a key plot point.

Posted by Dungeons & Dragons on Friday, June 23, 2017

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