Duran Duran Stands Up for LGBTI equality in North Carolina

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

The pop group Duran Duran performed in Charlotte, North Carolina last night with a rainbow colored USA flag as the backdrop.

The lead singer, Simon Le Bon, addressed the large crowd and explained why the band decided to keep their scheduled performance in state exercising the HB2 bill.

‘We considered canceling our show today but we decided to go ahead, both for the sake of our fans and also to support those in North Carolina who feel as strongly as we do about this issue.’

‘Here it is again, just plan old fashioned prejudice, fear and opposition, the same old kind that’s blighted the human race, in varying degrees, for all of its history,’ he continued. ‘Duran Duran is opposed to bigotry and discrimination in all of its ugly forms, and so it follows that we are opposed to the basic premise of HB2.’

 Along with the moving speech the group brought up a representative for Equality North Carolina, a LGBT civil rights group that is currently sponsoring a petition to repeal the HB2 legislation.

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