‘Dynasty’ Star Comes Out as Gay at 72

Best known for playing Adam Carrington on Dynasty, Gordon Thomson has come out as gay at the age of 72. The Canadian actor made a name for himself through this numerous soap opera roles that include The Young and the Restless and Passions.

“When I was growing up it [homosexuality] was a crime, and then classified as a mental illness,” he told the Daily Beast..  “It was not until Pierre Trudeau was prime minister of Canada when I was 23, 24 years old, did it cease being a crime, and it was not until I was nearly 30 that it stopped being classified as a mental illness in the U.S. So you’re dealing with that. And the shame, the breathtaking lack of self-esteem, has only just begun to seep out of my soul.”

Interestingly enough, Thomson’s character on Dynasty was known to make homophobic comments. “I’m an actor, it was my job. You don’t have to be one to play one,” he said.

Dynasty is getting ready to reboot for a brand-new generation on the CW.

So can we expect a guest starring role?

“I have had a look at the new Dynasty and I am appalled. What the fuck is the CW doing? It’s utter shit.”

We guess not!

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