Elle Fanning’s Transgender-Focused Film ‘3 Generations’ Gets Slapped with an R Rating

Organizations are calling on the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to reconsider its decision to give the upcoming transgender-inclusive film 3 Generations a restricted ‘R’ rating. In the wake of the news, GLAAD announced a Change.org petition launched by Blair Durkee, a transgender woman in South Carolina, who urges the MPAA to reconsider its decision and highlights how the current lack of transgender images in film negatively impacts transgender youth.

The Weinstein Company’s 3 Generations follows Ray, a teenage boy played by Elle Fanning, who is also transgender and is played by Elle Fanning. In the film, Ray’s mother, played by Naomi Watts, and his grandmother, played by Susan Sarandon, advocate for Ray and come to accept him for who he is.

“I saw characters that I could look at and see myself reflected in – and that made a huge difference in my life… It breaks my heart when I think about those kids who won’t be able to see this movie because of its ‘R’ rating. This is a story about them, being denied to them, simply because the MPAA doesn’t know what to do with the subject matter.”

GLAAD President and CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis, sent a letter to the MPAA Chairman Christopher Dodd and Chairman Joan Graves earlier this week that read:

“The film industry has a shockingly awful history when it comes to telling the stories of transgender people. For over 50 years, transgender characters have been used as fodder in films where they were either psychopathic killers, deviant freaks, or pathetic victims. In GLAAD’s most recent report on the film industry, we counted just one transgender character in mainstream film in 2016 and that character existed simply to be laughed at and mocked. “

The MPAA is set to have a discussion with GLAAD soon.


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