Ending the Stigma One Joke at a Time, Comedian Reveals He’s HIV Positive

Scottish funnyman Scott Agnew hopes that by revealing that he’s HIV positive, be can help reduce the stigma that still surrounds the virus. After receiving a diagnosis last year, he says, speaking to the Daily Record: “…it hit me like a trainwreck. Usually you get your test result over the phone, and as soon as they say ‘Oh, we’d like you to come in to see us” then you know something’s wrong and you have to coerce them to say something more over the phone.’

Now, with a better understanding of the disease, taking just one pill a day, he is a positive outlook on his life. “It’s certainly not a death sentence – my consultant actually said that I’ve probably increased my life expectancy because men in the West of Scotland don’t see their doctors enough and now I’ll be tested regularly because of this!”

Agnew may be unfamiliar to US audiences, but his stand-up shows are well received in Scotland, particularly during this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival where I’ve Snapped My Banjo String, We Need To Talk, received heavy praise.

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