Expedia’s Casual Inclusion of an Interracial Gay Couple is a Marketing A+

Screen Cap via Twitter
Screen Cap via Twitter

Expedia, the online travel-booking and planning website, together with VisitBritain again showed their positive stance on marriage equality and LGBT rights. Expedia, in promoting a contest to win a romantic trip in the UK, posted a photo of an interracial gay couple with the caption “Enter to win a romantic trip for two to Great Britain!” on both their contest’s main website and on their Twitter page. Their main page also includes a happy lesbian couple strolling through London. The inclusion of gay couples among a string of opposite-sex couples on a romantic trip, is a step forward in gay marketing. Despite the usual social-media haters, the response has been overwhelmingly positive with users touting the company for their “balls” to include an interracial gay couple. In 2012 Expedia made headlines with their ad that featured a dad reluctantly going to his lesbian daughter’s wedding. Expedia has shown us through their ad campaigns that the company is not only not afraid to include gays and lesbians in their ads, but also to tackle difficult subjects.

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