The FAA to Investigate the Mystery of the Incredible Shrinking Airline Seats

United States Appeals Court Judge Patricia Ann Millett may save the future of air travel. The judge has ordered the FAA to review the “incredible shrinking airline seat” adding that the agency isn’t doing their job in setting up a much-needed standard for economy-class seats and space between rows. “As many have no doubt noticed, aircraft seats and the spacing between them have been getting smaller and smaller, while American passengers have been growing in size,” the judge wrote.

The case was brought to the courts thanks to the advocacy group Flyers Rights, who were denied a petition asking the FAA to investigate whether smaller space poses a safety risk. The group showed evidence that the size of seats declined from 18.5 inches in the early 2000s to 17 inches in 2005.

In a statement Saturday, the FAA said “[it is] studying the ruling carefully and any potential actions we may take to address the Court’s findings.”

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