‘Father of the Grooms?’ Will a ‘Father of the Bride’ Trequal Feature a Gay Couple?

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

All right, we have to admit there was something charming about watching Steve Martin play the neurotic, something’s-always-going-wrong dad in both the Father of the Bride movies. Did we ever think we’d see Martin and Diane Keaton back as the yuppie California Banks couple… no. But, it’s being reported that the third installment will feature a same-sex marriage.  The generally reliable Hollywood insider website Nikki Finke writes: “The twist in this threequel is that Little Matty is now 29 and gay and getting married to a Navy SEAL’s son.  Father of the bride George is ‘thunderstruck and speechless’ and has problems with the whole gay thing. So wife Nina kicks him out of the house, according to the pitch which Disney loved.”

Now we know that the fabulous Martin Short better be back as the sassy wedding planner.

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