Fight Over North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Amendment One Rages on With Only 8 Days Left

Image via Protect all NC Families.

With only eight days left before Amendment 8 in North Carolina is voted upon, those opposed to the anti-gay and lesbian constitutional amendment are giving it their all to get the message out about the destructive nature of the amendment. We just got this letter from Protect All NC Families and a new campaign video:

We are on the verge of pulling a major upset in North Carolina by defeating the anti-gay and lesbian constitutional amendment on the ballot next Tuesday in the South.

The North Carolina Legislature placed anti-LGBT Amendment One on the ballot by a single vote last fall. What the Tea Party Majority did not expect was a close battle, but that is what we have given them. Amendment One not only defines marriage as between one man and one women, but goes even farther, banning civil unions and domestic partnerships!

Prominent pollster, Tom Jensen, had the following to say about the amendment based off of recent polling: “I think opponents of the amendment should be very encouraged and if they do every little thing they can in the final days to make sure voters are informed the potential for a seismic upset is there.”

We can defeat the amendment with your help. If you haven’t contributed yet, now is the time. As the pollster stated, if we do every little thing then we can defeat Amendment One. I received a report this weekend that we are breaking records with early voting and our latest polling shows that the gap continues to narrow.

Be sure to watch the new video after the jump…

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