Finnair Promotes the Use of Biofuel

Image via Finnair.

Lufthansa is set to make history by flying the first, regular biofuel flight as early as next week, but wait, another airline is entering the race for a green title—Finnair. The Helsinki-based airline, has for decades made a long-term commitment to sustainable development, and now the airline has announced another major step toward sustainable air travel. Finnair aims to fly its first biofuel flight from Amsterdam and Helsinki next week. This will be the longest commercial biofuel flight flown anywhere in the world to date.

“We want to be a pioneer in sustainable development in air transport. Engine emissions account for the biggest environmental impact of flying, so investing in research into alternative fuels is a natural way to try to reduce the load on the environment,” says Kati Ihamäki, VP Sustainable Development at Finnair.

Find out more about the flight and the green energy after the jump…For its first biofuel flight Finnair will use biofuel made from recycled vegetable oil (i.e. Used Cooking Oil) supplied by SkyNRG in a mixture that is 50% biofuel and 50% ordinary aviation fuel. Finnair and SkyNRG have agreed to jointly work on a structural supply chain, as both parties firmly believe that the adoption of “green routes” by airlines will help accelerate the development of sustainable and affordable jet fuels, which have the potential to reduce aviation emissions by up to 80% in the long-term. At this stage Finnair aims to fly at least three Amsterdam-Helsinki flights using a 50% biofuel blend in both engines. Refueling is done at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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