First Action Figure for Girls Smashes Gender-Stereotype Machine in New Ad

Image via Goldieblox

Image via Goldieblox


“You are beauty and beauty is perfection,” a  big brother (sister) machine sounds off on repeat to a conveyer-belt-like assembly of young, pink-wearing girls who pick up a generic Barbie-type doll. The two-minute ad from gender-stereotyping-bashing company GoldiBlox is an homage to Apple’s famous “1984” ad that created waves in the computer establishment of the time. The issue of toys’ genders consistently comes up particularly around the holiday season and many companies have tried to create “gender neutral” products (remember Eazy-Bake), but few have reached out to create a product entirely new to breakout to the changing tastes of children, particularly girls. GoldieBlox launched a few years ago with a construction kit for girls, and their latest offering hopes to capitalize on the popularity of these construction sets by introducing an action figure that will come complete with a kit to build a zip-line. The company will also have a float in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Watch the incredible ad after the jump…

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