First Look at Anthony Rapp as Star Trek’s First Openly Gay TV Character

As we know already, Star Trek: Discovery will include the series first openly gay character, Lt Stamets, played by RENT‘s Anthony Rapp, and now we have our first look of him in costume.

Lt Stamets who is the ship’s fungus expert is also reportedly going to have a love affair with crew member Wilso Cruz!

“I’m also honored to be a part of a piece of work that’s part of the cultural pantheon. It’s kind of crazy that I get to be a part of something that means so much to so many people,” he had when it was announced that he would be playing this historical part. “It meant a lot to me, too. I’m thrilled and I’m honored to be the vehicle for this aspect of the story that’s being told.”

Star Trek: Discovery lifts off September 24.

Be sure to look for our exclusive interview with Rapp in our October issue!

A full look at the entire cast can be found in this month’s issue of EW, and online here…

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