First Look at the Robert Mapplethorpe Documentary

We’ve been hearing about the Robert Mapplethorpe documentary for over two years, and the film finally made its premiere at the TriBeCa Film Festival, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to get a wide release. The folks behind the film are hoping to raise some extra funding to secure music licensing, finish special effects, and to take it around to various festivals.

Thankfully during this round of the campaign, they’ve released a trailer to give us a first-hand look  at how Dr. Who’s Matt Smith portrays the world-famous New York–based artist.

Here’s what the campaign says about the film: “Robert Mapplethorpe’s portraits, images of calla lilies, and chronicles of New York City’s underground BDSM scene remain touchstones of 20th-century photography even now, nearly three decades after his death from complications of HIV/AIDS in 1989. Mapplethorpe revisits the titular photographer’s legacy, beginning at the moment just before he takes up residence in the Chelsea Hotel. There, Mapplethorpe begins to amass a portfolio of images—and, at the same time, to explore his formerly suppressed attraction to men. But Mapplethorpe’s relentless ambition—as he says in one early scene, “I can’t just be Mapplethorpe the photographer,” fancying himself a “modern Michelangelo”—threatens to tear apart the relationships he cherishes the most.

‘From the early ’70s until his untimely death at age 42, the film explores the intersection of his art and his sexuality, his struggle for mainstream recognition, and, looming above it all, the specter of the emerging AIDS crisis. Featuring Matt Smith (Doctor Who, The Crown) and Marianne Rendón, the biopic offers a nuanced portrait of an artist at the height of his craft and of the self-destructive impulses that threaten to undermine it all.’

Trailer below….

MAPPLETHORPE – a biopic film starring Matt Smith

"Mapplethorpe" tells the life story of one of the worlds most controversial photographers, Robert Mapplethorpe, whose iconic work has both delighted and shocked the nation for decades. You can be part of this movie by joining Producers Nate and Eliza Dushku and supporting #MapplethorpeMovie today on Indiegogo.

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