First Look: Cadillac CT6


Cadillac CT6 World Premiere
Cadillac CT6 World Premiere

A crowd of over 500 auto-industry elite, NYC trendsetters, and car enthusiasts dared greatly on Tuesday night to cross a stormy East River and gather at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for the unveiling of the first-ever Cadillac CT6. Guests packed the waterfront Duggal Greenhouse for a top-notch soiree that only Cadillac could pull off. Between the gourmet cuisine (we’re talking caviar and oysters) and a performance by Grammy-winner Raphael Saadiq, the CT6 launch party had Brooklyn bouncing all night long. The real star of the night, however, had four wheels, blazing white paint, and a list of specs that made the car lovers weak in the knees. This isn’t just another large luxury sedan–this car is miles ahead of anything we’ve ever seen before.

Take the enhanced night vision for example. Straight out of a sci-fi novel, it helps drivers identify people, animals, or other objects via a heat signature in the driver information center. Combine that with a true 360-degree camera around the vehicle to reduce blind spots and you have one impressive driving machine. This Cadillac will be produced completely in the U.S., and will be one of the lightest automobiles in its class.

Cadillac has once again beautifully reinvented itself.

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Looking into the CT6 Premiere at Brooklyn's Duggal Greenhouse
Looking into the CT6 Premiere at Brooklyn’s Duggal Greenhouse
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