First Summer Olympics Pride House Opens Today

Image of Matthew Mitcham via Facebook

Officially opened today, Pride House 2012, the first Summer Olympic Pride House, serves as a welcoming space for all LGBT athletes, staff, fans, and supporters to view and participate in events centered around the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Overlooking Limehouse Basin Marina, Pride House will take place at the CA House August 3-7 and 12, with events both at the House and throughout London everyday until the 12th. Visit and cheer on out athletes such as Australian diver Matthew Mitcham and others participating at this summer’s Olympic games.

Along with viewing parties, there will also be live music from LGBT artist, video presentations from local LGBT organizations, and LGBT Day with the London Broncos rugby league, and appearances by out Olympians; such as former trampoline medalist Ji Wallace will be there along with, recently out, South African archer Karen Hultzer, according to

Make sure to check out exhibits by American photographer Jeff Sheng, who will be showing a newly expanded electronic version of his groundbreaking exhibition ‘Fearless’, which presents role models for today and tomorrow, showing Sheng’s photographs of out LGBT high school and college athletes. Sheng will be showing his exhibit ‘Against the Rules’, which highlights out sports icons of the past and present.

Saturday, Pride House will be also hosting a meeting about tackling homophobia via the International Olympic Committee, and supported by The Federation of Gay Games, the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation, the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association, and the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers, the largest teachers’ union in the UK.

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