Florida DMV “Humiliates” Lesbian Couple

Rachel and Charlotte Lambert-Jolly. Photo via Towleroad.

Rachel and Charlotte Lambert-Jolly thought marrying would not only bring them eternal happiness, but also a taste of equality that all married straight couples receive, especially during a time of progress for the LGBT community. But the lesbian couple ran into a huge problem when they wanted to change the names on their driver’s licenses to their new hyphenated surnames (a simple task that’s taken for granted by many opposite-sex couples). The couple heard two different stories from the DMV. The first employee said that it was all right as long as they had all the appropriate documents, the second then told them it wasn’t allowed in Florida because the state doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage, even though they were legally married in Connecticut.

“To have multiple people tell you, ‘It’s fine, it’s fine,’ [then] you go in there and think you are good, then boom! It’s a slap in the face, pretty much,” Rachel said.

“You are five feet away from the people in the DMV and everyone starts whispering and talking,” Charlotte explained, “it was uncomfortable.” [Towleroad]

Just another example of why DOMA must be officially repealed.

Watch the news coverage below.

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