Florida’s Broward County Unanimously Passes Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy

Florida’s Broward County voted to enact an ordinance to protect LGBTQ youth and prohibit the use of conversion therapy on minors. The National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) submitted testimony to Broward County on the urgent need to stop harmful, dangerous conversion therapy and worked alongside Equality Florida and the Southern Poverty Law Center to push the ordinance forward. More municipalities in Florida have enacted ordinances prohibiting conversion therapy than in any other state.

Broward County, Florida includes areas such as Fort Lauderdale, the Everglades, Hollywood, and Pompano Beach.

The practice of so-called “conversion therapy” has been discredited by the American Psychological Association and every other major professional health organization as ineffective, unethical, and dangerous. Conversion therapy has been shown to lead to higher instances of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and even suicide.

“Today’s unanimous vote speaks to the power of survivor stories and the indisputable evidence that conversion therapy is not only ineffective—it devastates our young people and community,” said NCLR Youth Policy Counsel and Born Perfect Campaign Coordinator Carolyn Reyes. “NCLR is proud to have submitted testimony and worked hand in hand with Broward County, and NCLR’s Born Perfect campaign will keep working with states and local communities across the country to ensure that LGBTQ youth are protected—no matter where they live.”


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