For the Love of ‘Gram, Help This Couple Adopt a Baby

For all the joy it brings, adopting a baby is no small feat. Set aside the thousands-heavy price tag, and early adopters have a dizzy pastiche of legal hurdles to cross, not to mention the challenges set aside for wanting gay couples. So, here’s an intimate, baby-making crowdfunding project we can get behind: LA’s resident gay Instagram darlings, Marcus and Luke Austin-Paglialonga, are having a baby, and they’re asking friends and family, fans and supporters, and you, to help them achieve their dream of starting a family.
The husbands, who have been married for three years, took their “Luke and Marcus Adopt a Baby” fund to Give Forward (think, if Kickstarter had a more-personal baby) with a message for potential donors: “Anyone who knows anything about adoption knows it is a costly process much more than either of us ever imagined, as prideful as we both are, we need a little help. After careful consideration we have chosen to add to our family by adopting from the United States. We are in the very early stages, and even though we are not traveling to a foreign country, there are still many expenses associated with a domestic adoption, starting with agency and lawyer fees.”
“We have so much love to share and are so excited to take this journey to bring a little bundle of joy into our home,” they wrote. “We are confident that we will be amazing parents and will provide a happy, healthy home to a little boy or girl. We are so excited and ready to begin this journey.”
As of today, the Austin-Paglialongas have met 4% of their $20,000 goal, with a long ways to go. So, skip the midday coffee run and, you know, direct some goodwill out into the world instead. To learn how you can give, click here. Good luck, boys!
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