Forget Passports and Body Scans, Kuwait Will Require DNA Samples to Enter

Image via Passport

Image via Passport

In order to “fight crime and terrorism” Kuwait will require all visitors to submit a proper DNA sample before being allowed to enter into the country. The heightened level of security will begin by the end of the year and will be mandatory for tourists, expats, businessmen, and even people from Kuwait. In addition to your passport and necessary visas, all visitors will submit saliva or “a few drops of blood” in order to enter.

Officials are reassuring visitors that the samples will not be used for any purpose other than protecting the country against violence. The labs will not be allowed to test for diseases, as that’s banned by the country’s privacy laws.


According to the Daily News if a visitor refuses to submit such a sample he or she “will face the ‘measures stipulated in the law,’ which are still unclear.”

It is also still unclear how the government will use these samples to help prevent crime and terrorism.

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