Former Bush Aide and RNC Chair Now Promoting Gay Marriage

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While we may be anxiously waiting for the Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage, there is already a shift occurring  in the country, particularly in the Republican Party. While we just reported that another Republican switched her support for same-sex marriage, another Republican is hoping to change his party’s views on gay marriage. The man behind George W. Bush’s 2004 re-election and a former Republican National Committee chair announced that he not only supports gay and lesbian marriage, but thinks that the Republican Party must adopt the position as part of their party platform in order to win key votes in upcoming elections. Ken Mehlman, who once opposed same-sex marriage, is now saying that gay marriage goes hand-in-hand with conservative values.

In the 2004 campaign, Mehlman spent time earning the Christian evangelical vote and worked for a federal ban on same-sex marriage. Even while he was promoting such anti-gay and lesbian policies, he himself was in the closet. In 2010, Mehlman came out becoming one of the most prominent gay persons in the GOP. Although he does not admit to guilt for his former anti-gay rights push, today he has worked on policy changes such as the repeal of DADT and winning marriage equality in states like New York and Maryland. He has also helped develop a non-profit called Project Right Side, a non-profit that works in “providing research and analysis to improve the political climate for gay and lesbian issues across the political spectrum.” [NYT]

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