Fort Lauderdale to Feature Transgender Models in 2017 Ads

Fort Lauderdale to Feature Transgender Models in 2017 Ads

On New Year’s Eve Fort Lauderdale will begin a new campaign that features transgender models starring in mainstream media ads. Being one of the premier destinations in the world for LGBT travelers, Fort Lauderdale is once again leading the way in hospitality by celebrating the lives of everyone and the people they love.

According to Adweek

The Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau advertising campaign, created by Fort Lauderdale-based Starmark International, is kicking off with two new videos on twin billboards at 1515 Broadway and on a bowtie billboard at 1500 Broadway, both in New York’s Times Square.

The first video will start running Saturday morning, Dec. 31, and will feature two men, a woman and a transgender model wearing New Year’s Eve headgear, drinking flutes of champagne as they sail the Atlantic off Fort Lauderdale Beach. The ad’s transgender star is Isabella Santiago, a Venezuelan model who was Miss World Transgender in 2014. The copy says “Hello, sunny” and “Hello, 2017,” as well as “Greater Fort Lauderdale.”

On Jan. 2, the video will change to depict the same four people now simply sailing, with copy saying, “Hello, winter blues.”

Richard Gray, managing director of the LGBTQ market for the bureau, said, “Using trans models in our mainstream campaign says who we are as a destination: cosmopolitan, edgy, diverse, inclusive, authentic and accepting. We are the only destination in the world that is using trans people in mainstream marketing initiatives. That is a huge statement in itself, highlighting this destination’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality. We want all travelers to Greater Fort Lauderdale to be free to be themselves, to be free to be accepted, and most of all, to be safe and respected.”

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On the next page you can view Passport Magazine’s “Free to Be in Fort Lauderdale” video featuring transgender models.

Free to Be in Fort Lauderdale

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