Fox in Trouble Over Bigoted Transgender Comments

Screen Shot via Facebook.

Screen Shot via Facebook.

Fox News came under fire after its Fox Nation website paired a January 13 article about transgender health insurance coverage with an image from the slapstick Robin Williams flick Mrs. Doubtfire. Now, LGBTA activists are petitioning Fox, a station that has a long history of promoting misleading and defamatory representations of the transgender community.

The Fox Nation post sparked a petition from LGBT equality group Basic Rights Oregon, which called on Fox News to “end its transphobic content:

Fox News: stop misrepresenting gay and transgender people with sensational and dehumanizing coverage. Trivializing transgender people’s need for medically necessary health care ignores the position of the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, and countless other authorities on health care. We demand an apology and that Fox News end its transphobic content.

Sign the petition.

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