France to Legalize Gay Marriage and Adoption

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French President Francois Hollande has promised to legalize gay marriage and adoption in the near future but hasn’t confirmed a date yet. “The government has made it an objective for the next few months to work on implementing its campaign commitments on the fight against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity,” announced Jean-Marc Ayrault’s office, Prime Minister of France. Additionally, the government plans to facilitate the process of changing one’s name and sex for transgender individuals. When the law to legalize gay marriage is passed, France will join other European countries such as Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, and Sweden. There are a surprising number of pro-gay supporters in France, considering two-thirds of the population is Roman Catholic. However, there are trends that show people disregard conservative views in terms of one’s sexuality. However, at the same time, there is a lot of resentment towards the LGBT population in France. Even the media use euphemisms such as “long-term bachelor” to hint that someone is gay. Therefore, even if gay marriage and adoption is passed, there will be significant resistance to the law until attitudes finally start to change. [Reuters]

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