Frankenfish May be Coming to a Supermarket Near You

Image via Passport.

Image via Passport.

If the government and major retailers have their way, the next time you pick up a salmon at the grocery store, you may be eating a genetically created fish. That’s right, AquaBounty has been working since 1991 to develop a faster growing salmon that has its genes spliced with an eel-like fish. If Congress allows the sale of this fish, which it is likely to do, it will be the first every genetically altered living thing for human consumption. And that’s not the scariest part: federal law won’t even mandate that the genetically altered fish be labeled! Another concern is that the GE fish contain high allergy risks and increased amounts of a growth hormone associated with cancer. The ultimate threat, however, is that these altered fish will mate with real salmon and destroy the species. 

The only way to prevent these fish from swimming on to our grocery stores’ shelves is to go after the supermarkets. Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Aldi, PCC Natural Markets, and over 2,000 grocery stores have already said that they are committed to not selling frankenfish, so join us in asking Costco to pledge not to sell genetically modified salmon.

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