Free Transgender Health Clinic to Open in Central Texas

Free Transgender Health Clinic to Open in Central Texas

Filling a much-needed niche in health care in Texas, a transgender health clinic will open its doors for residents. The state, which currently is home to the second-largest transgender population with just over 125,000, desperately needs a resource for the community. The new free clinic is an extension of the Texas Health Action’s Kind Clinic, and will provide services that include gender affirming care such as feminizing hormones, masculizing hormones, STD screenings, and HIV treatment, and prevention drugs.

“In the future, we’d also be able to offer some counseling services,” Dr. Brinson said. “This will be a wonderful opportunity to really find out how patients in Austin will seek out are care and we’ll get a better idea of how many people need this care.”

The services offered will come at no cost for patients and if expenses are not picked up by insurance will be covered by Texas Health Action. [KVUE]

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