Fundraiser for Funeral of Celebrity Stylist Michael Mann

The fiancé of celebrity-stylist Michael Mann, singer-songwriter Tyler Jacob, has launched a crowdfunding page after the recent passing of Mann. Mann is known for his major celebrity clients like Little Mama.

Despite his success, his fiancé Jacob says he wants to give him a beautiful funeral and just can’t afford to do so.

Jacob writes:

Michael Mann has touched the lives of so many people through his art. He worked night and day blood sweat and tears to make sure everyone around him was okay. He is the most giving person I’ve ever had the chance to share my life with. Wether he worked with you or not he always brought the best out in everyone he came in contact with. He always talked about having a poetic justice high fashion picnic for all of his friends because he always wanted everyone to be together and happy. Right now I’m so broken because I cannot afford to give him the funeral that he deserves to have. I’m begging BEGGING all of you to please help me PLEASE with whatever you can so that he can have he funeral that he deserves. Please share this!!! Please.
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