Funky Winkerbean Introduces Gay Story Line

Image via CBR.

The long-running newspaper comic, Funky Winkerbean, is joining Archie comics by adding a same-sex story line. Cartoonist Tom Batiuk will introduce a story where a gay couple wants to attend the prom together at fictional Westview High School. “It struck me that whenever I sit in classes at Midview High, which I still do, my overall impression is that the younger generation’s attitudes toward gays is more open and accepting than their predecessors,” Batiuk said. “It’s not perfect, but it shows promise for an emerging generation that will bring this issue (intolerance) to an end. I wanted to take those two opposing viewpoints to reach across that divide of intolerance.” The comic strip appears in more than 400 newspapers throughout the nation, and the gay-friendly plot will begin on April 30. [CBR]

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