Furloughs Won’t Compromise Safety Says FAA. Do You Believe Them?

Image via Passport

Image via Passport

While some people are concerned over whether their flights will leave on time due to the recent furloughs from the government sequester, many more are questioning with whether the reduction of air-traffic controllers will compromise overall safety. Federal Aviation Administrator Michael Huerta defended his decision to slash 10% of US air-traffic controllers by claiming that safety continues to be a priority for the FAA and that no passenger will be harmed. “It will have no effect on safety, but what will suffer is efficiency,” Huerta told members of the House Appropriations subcommittee. He also added: “We are focused on maintaining our core operational and safety responsibilities…We will not do anything to compromise safety.” [Yahoo] [BusinessWeek]

Do you believe them?

Take our poll after the jump and let Washington know what you think.

Question #1: Will passenger safety be compromised as a result of the air-traffic control furloughs?

Question #2: Who is responsible for the air-traffic control furloughs?

Question #3: Should the Air-traffic control furloughs be stopped to ensure passenger safety?

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