Gay Brit Jailed in Morocco Released Early After International Outcry

Ray Cole. Image via Mirror.

Ray Cole. Image via Mirror.

On Monday, we told you about the openly gay British man that was jailed in Morocco because he was suspected of homosexuality, but after 20 days in prison, the Moroccan government released Ray Cole and he has flown safely back to England. “I’ve seen things I never knew existed. It’s not a prison, it’s a concentration camp,” he told reporters upon arriving in Gatwick. The nearly-70-year-old said that he was placed in a jail with inmates as young as ten and as old as 90 and describes his surroundings as horrendous.  “I can hardly move my arm now, from 20 nights sleeping on the floor – I just want to go home and sleep in a soft bed,” he said.

Homosexuality in Morocco is a crime that is still punishable by imprisonment, despite changing attitudes it is highly advisable that gay tourists understand the laws in countries they are visiting.  Consult the State Department’s specific LGBT website. 

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