Gay Chorus ‘Humiliated’ After San Diego Padres Anthem Mishap

Screen cap via YouTube

Screen cap via YouTube

A mishap of anthemic proportions at Saturday’s San Diego Padres match against the Los Angeles Dodgers, may mark a swan song for the team’s partnership with the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus.

The chorus detailed the night’s turn for the worse on its Facebook site, writing that some 100 members came out to sing at Saturday’s game, only to be humiliated after the Padres instead played a recording of a woman singing the anthem. The recording, strangely enough, did go on in full, while the chorus stood idly by on the field. After being met with applause, the chorus was then ushered off the field to the tune of “homophobic taunts,” they report.

The team’s implication being, that the home team was implicit in playing a woman’s voice “with the purpose of denigrating and/or ridiculing gay men.” But, why the Padres would consistently extend invitations to the men’s chorus with the intent of one day humiliating them, is lost on us. We say, unfortunate technical error, and nothing more.

The Padres were swift to express their “deep regret” over the mistake, issuing a statement immediately in an effort to make light of what they called a genuine technical issue, and firing the contractor responsible, Deadspin reports.

A Padres spokesperson told CBS News, “We have extended the invitation to the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus to come back to perform at another game this season. They have performed here numerous times in the past, and we hope to have them out again this season.”

Billy Bean, MLB Vice President for social responsibility and inclusion, tweeted out on Sunday that it was “very unfortunate that there was a technical error.” He added that the Padres have been unflinching in their support of the MLB’s efforts toward inclusion. Bean, a former Padres player, came out as gay in 1999.

Act of aggression, or real technical error? Watch the footage, below:

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