Gay Contestant Wows X Factor Judges and Hopes to Gain Acceptance From Mom

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The X Factor judges in Australia were in for a pleasant, heartfelt surprise when their last contestant of the season took the stage. Twenty- three-year-old New Zealand born Ofisa Toleafoa, also called Tee,  had the judges in tears after explaining that his mom could not accept him after she found out he was gay. “My family basically found out that I was gay through Facebook. One photo went up and they found out I was gay. My mom, she found it the hardest to accept it. The last time I spoke to my mom was probably like last year. It is hard. I just want her to know that I am changing, but my love for her will never change. I will always be the same person that she brought up when I was little,” said Toleafoa. Holding back tears, the contestant belted out Jennifer Hudson’s song “Changing” in hopes that his mother would see him and finally accept who he is, overlooking her strong Christian beliefs. His voice may be the key that reunites Tee with his mother because viewers and judges certainly fell in love with his talent. Judge Dannii Minoque said Tee’s performance was one of her favorite auditions ever. [Towleroad]

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