Gay Couple Captures Attention of Mattel with Homemade Gay Couple Kit

A gay Arizona couple wanted to surprise their niece with a very special birthday present while also celebrating their upcoming nuptials. Matt Jacobi and Nick Caprio couldn’t find the right present for one of their nieces who will serve as a flower girl.

There were no Barbie’s that reflected their family. 

“Like any good Uncle —or #Guncle —would do,” Jacobi told Good Morning America, “I went out to look for a meaningful birthday present. She loves Barbies, playing with her dolls, etc, just like any other kid. In honor of our upcoming wedding, I wanted to give her something related to the wedding but also something she would enjoy.”

When he saw a Barbie wedding set, he decided to transform it to include two grooms. 

“So, I came across the Mattel/Barbie ‘Wedding Set!’ It was almost perfect, two flower girls, a cake, and all, but, only a bride and groom were available.”

A video of the niece opening the present became a viral hit, and it even caught the attention of some higher ups at Mattel. The company actually reached out to arrange a brainstorming meeting with them. 

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