Gay Couple Shares a Kiss in Madrid During Neo-Nazi Demonstration

Photo via Twitter

Photo via Twitter

What else is there to do when you stumble upon a group of neo-Nazi protestors? During a demonstration by far-right group Hogar Social Madrid on Friday, a gay couple went viral after meeting hate with a romantic kiss. The Local reports:

David Fernández and Gregor Eistert were just out for a Saturday stroll when they stumbled upon the demo.

“We completely forgot the demonstration was taking place and just like any other Saturday we were looking for a terrace in the centre of Madrid when we stumbled across a huge political rally,” Fernández told El Español.

The angry crowd started shouting homophobic abuse at the couple, such as “maricón!” (a derogatory Spanish word for a gay man similar to faggot) “You’ve got AIDS!” and “sickos” as they walked hand in hand.

So they reacted in the best way they could think of, a way that was bound to rile the crowd even more: they began kissing.

Fernandez told El Español: “It was completely spontaneous, it came from anger.”

Watch the viral kiss heard ’round the world, below:

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