Gay Dating App Gains Ground in China

Image via Passport Magazine

Image via Passport Magazine

In 2006, the Chinese government’s “purify the Internet” campaign had Geng Le’s gay website,, constantly changing servers just to stay afloat. Now, not even a decade later, the website is free to cover global gay news and he is CEO of one of China’s most popular gay dating apps “Blued.”

As reported by Mashable, Blued, which was started in 2012, has over 15 million users, and recently launched an English language version (with Spanish and Thai language versions coming soon).

That might make Blued significant competition for Grindr, whose 5 million monthly users sounds minimal when compared. Grindr isn’t going down without a fight though, and the company has recently partnered with the Beijing Gender Health and Education Institute to raise awareness of gay rights in China.

Only time will tell who will reign supreme as the top gay dating app, but we can’t really see the harm in having more options to choose from.

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