Gay-Friendly Scouting Organization Sees Record Growth

Screen Shot via Navigators USA.

Screen Shot via Navigators USA.

A New York–based chapter of the Boy Scouts of America that was fed up with the discriminatory policies of the BSOA started their own organization in Harlem, New York called Navigators USA— a group where everyone is accepted. And while the Boy Scouts has seen their membership numbers plummet, holding onto their outdated and discriminatory ideals, Navigator has seen their membership grow. The organization is based on a simple set of principles: it “welcomes all people…no matter what gender, race, lifestyle, ability, religious, or lack of religious belief.” Membership in its chapters, just during this year, has doubled. “We knew the Boy Scouts excluded gays when we started, but we thought that was one of the old, outdated rules on its way off the books,” says Bryan Freed, whose family switched from the Boy Scouts to a Navigators chapter in Los Altos, California. “We told our eight-year-old son Nathan what we thought of the official BSA rule on excluding gays, and we let him decide.” With 21 chapters nationwide and growing the Navigators are an example of the growing need for organizations to evolve with the times and reflect the modern-day zeitgeist.

Find out a whole lot more about the organization over at Mother Jones.

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