A Gay and Lesbian Adoption Ban is About to Pass in Georgia

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, who may become the Republican candidate for governor in Georgia, says that the state is working hard to protect “religious freedom” and pledged to push through a ban on LGBT people adopting children.

“I believe strongly that we have to ensure that we are protecting our religious liberties,” Cagle told WSB Radio pundit. “This year in the legislature, we are doing it on the adoption bills coming out of the Senate. We are going to make sure that faith-based adoption agencies have protection and that they’re not being discriminated against. People of conscience, people of faith, they need those protections,” Cagle added.

Cagle is discussing Senate Bill 375 that would allow faith-based adoption and foster-care agencies from receiving public funding if they allow gay couples to adopt.

The legislation is now in the Senate Rules Committee where it is will be voted upon by the full senate within days.


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