Gay Man Shot in Mexico After Holding his Partner’s Hand

Gay Man Shot in Mexico After Holding his Partner’s Hand

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico may be one of the most popular LGBT travel destinations in North America, but an attack on a gay man has visitors concerned. A Palm Springs man was a victim of failed robbery, though, many are calling it a hate crime. Carl Blea, who is recovering back in the States, was walking hand-in-hand with his husband, Marc Lange, at 2:30 A.M. when a man opened fire and hit Blea in the thigh.

The couple insists that it was a hate crime, but local news is reporting it is a robbery. “They’re really not listening to us,” Blea said. “No matter what we say, they’re not going to pay attention to us,” he added.

“In one moment, both of our lives could’ve been changed,” Blea said. “After having served in the military for 20 years, he said this is not his first time being in the center of danger. It just gives you a different perspective for your life,” he said

Remember to always exercise caution when traveling abroad—even in generally safe LGBT resort towns.

“If anything, that’s the biggest lesson I learned,” Blea said. “You just never know who you may come across who may hate that.”

 Photo: Marc Lange, left, and Carl Blea vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
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